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A note from the architects...

For the people, by the people

Instead of raising venture capital and letting the direction of UCSE be swayed by corporate interest, we are building the UCSE with a grassroots spirit.

UCSE is a product for the people, by the people.

We will be entering the alpha testing phase in October 2017.

Only those who pre-purchase their UCSEs now will be invited into the closed testing and evolution process.

During this process you will be able to set up and use your own UCSE and participate in ongoing discussions that will help shape the future of UCSE.

The UCSE will be built to best serve those who participate in these tests, and will form the basis of what features are introduced.

The platform will officially launch around autumn of 2018.

Supporters will get early access in October 2017.

Here's what the pricing of UCSE will be when we officially launch next year.

Simplicity & harmony

There are a ton of great apps and solutions out there for all aspects of our businesses. The problem is that they are all different apps.

Which leads to our business becoming a fragmented.

And if you're like us, you probably only use 10% of the capabilities of each of the apps you use.

What if you could just take all those useful parts of each app, and combine them together into a unified dream platform?

UCSE does it all

Here's all the things UCSE can do. It's everything an experience designer needs, and absolutely nothing more.

  • Courses
  • Websites
  • Gamification
  • Communities
  • Memberships
  • Digital products
  • Crowdsourcing (just like this)
  • Blogging/vlogging
  • Custom domains (yourbrand.com)
  • Video + media hosting
  • Beautiful templates for everything
  • CRM + mailing list + segmentation
  • marketing automation
  • intelligent metrics (the vitals of your biz, all in one place)

That may sound like a lot. Like we're trying to tackle too many problems at once. There are entire companies already devoted to each thing listed above.

The issue is that we only use 10% of what those apps offer. 10% here and 10% there ultimately adds up to 100% of our platform.

UCSE brings it all together to give us what we need, and absolutely nothing more.

Hello simplicity!

How to pre-order your UCSE

  1. Pick your investment level on the right.
  2. Enter the amount in the form below.
  3. Complete the transaction.
  4. We will contact you about the arrival of your UCSE.

*pre-sales end October 1, 2017 and are limited to 150 units.

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Pre-sales end October 1, 2017

Limited to 150 units


UCSE for a year

Get an UCSE5000 account for one year.

The normal price for UCSE5000 will be about $3000/yr when we officially launch.


UCSE for life

Get an UCSE5000 lifetime account.

This is probably the only time we will offer a lifetimee account. It's a really good deal 😉


UCSE express

  • UCSE for life
  • personal 1:1 setup assistance

UCSE custom lite

  • UCSE for life
  • personalized setup w/ your branding

UCSE custom plus

  • UCSE for life
  • custom branding kit
  • personalized setup

UCSE custom pro

  • UCSE for life
  • custom branding kit
  • custom course
  • custom badges
  • custom currency
  • personalized setup

UCSE custom x

  • UCSE for life
  • complete production experience *** travel not included
  • custom videos, directed and filmed by us
  • custom branding kit
  • custom course
  • custom badges
  • custom currency
  • personalized setup