Everything you need. Nothing more.

I take care of the tech, so you can be the human. All you need is your creative genius.

The first test units are available October, 2017. New components added every quarter.

:: alpha ::

autumn 2017


Easily design the most imaginative, immersive and engaging learning experiences you can dream up. 


Build as many customizable online courses as you want on whatever topics you're passionate about. 


Be a professional experience designer by building a membership around all your digital creations and community. 

Stellar Support

The UCSE 5000 has a team of experience designers who are just as excited about your success as you are.

Website + Blog

Create a polished website and blog, so you can start sharing your valuable content and experiences today.

Landing Pages

Make great first impressions and build trust with our fine selection of landing pages, opt-in pages and sales pages. 


Creativity-inducing templates will help you craft mind-blowing experiences faster than the speed of light. 


Our built in referral system will make it simple for others to get paid to share the experiences you design.

Drag & Drop

You don't have to be an astronaut to enjoy using our drag & drop experience designer. 

:: beta ::

winter 2017


Incentivize your learning experiences by rewarding people with badges or "supplies" for the world you built.


Inspire participation with community challenges where all your students learn, grow and transform together. 


Create your own community currency that pays your students to contribute, take action and do the work. 

:: delta ::

spring 2018


Give your students a safe, inspiring place to engage in meaningful conversations with our ultra-simple community builder. 


Have your very own social community to facilitate the growth of your students and conversations that matter.

:: gamma ::

summer 2018

Global Marketplace

Your creations featured on UCSE's global marketplace of innovative products and digital experiences.

Social Network

In addition to hosting your own private communities, the UCSE network is one big family of inspired experience designers.

:: theta ::

autumn 2018


Go beyond mere "list building" and create a database of real relationships to further your work.


Create automated communications and interactions for more engagement and personalized experiences.


Send newsletters, group and personal emails based on actions people take or topics you want to talk about. 

Experience me

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